Top sellers

  • Blue Razz
    Blue Razz

    A sweet blue raspberry candy Available in 60ml 

  • Bradford

    A sweet and tart combination of strawberries and lemons Available in 60ml

  • King Custard
    King Custard

    A creamy vanilla custard with a hint of cinnamon Available in 60ml size

  • Umbrella

    A wonderful summer fruit blend Available in 60ml sizes

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon

    The "original Wisconsin Ice Cream Flavor Available in 60ml 

  • Straffles

    A strawberry waffle delicacy Available in 60ml size

  • Vaccine

    A pear based juice with a sweet coconut finish Available in 60ml

  • Shorty

    Creamy strawberry shortcake with whipped cream Available in 50ml 

  • Spf 15
    Spf 15

    Pineapple cream with a hint of strawberry Available in 60ml sizes

  • Holiday Razz
    Holiday Razz

    Our Signature Blue Razz with a hint of peppermint to cool your senses.





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