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Blue Razz

A sweet blue raspberry candy

Available in 50ml 

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A sweet blue raspberry candy

Available in 50ml



Best juice ever!

Originally from Milwaukee area but live in key west, fl now. Place an order almost every Monday. I won't and can't vape anything other than this or umbrella. Not into fruit flavors either but there is something about this liquid that keeps you coming back for more. Perfect any time of the day. Words can't describe how good this juice is.



Amazing juice. taist exactly like a blue raz dum dum pop. i normally don't order offline but i couldnt find this in stores and found myself craving it after a whole year.


My Favorite E-juice

Sweet, mellow, amazing taste. I honestly am not a huge raspberry fan, but I decided to give this a try. It doesn't have that overpowering flavor that many other raspberry flavors can get. It's definitely worth it and by far my favorite e-juice. As an added benefit, it's a brew city e-juice so it has a smooth hit but doesn't gunk up your coils. Would recommend a hundred times over.


The best in the country!

I moved from Wisconsin to Texas and I have to say that there is no juice here that is better than this one! None of the other ones I've bought here even hold a candle to Blue Razz. The flavor is perfect and you don't get sick of it easily like with other juices. I always get the bigger bottle and it lasts me two weeks (of vaping constantly...and proving to friends how good it is!) Will continue to purchase!


My go to juice

I can't wait for 120 mls. I vape this juice constantly taste just like blue dum dum pops. Almost a year of vaping it.

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Best juice ever

I have been vaping this juice since day 1 of it's release. It is the perfect taste for an all day vape. Not overly sweet, and delicately smooth!


8 out of 5

I'd hate to admit, but I tend to be that person that sits at a local vaping lounge sampling e-juice for an undisclosed amount of time often going through majority of a menu before finally deciding on what delicious nectar to buy. Brew City came to VapeBash 2016 and it only took one hit of this blueberry confection to land my sights on it. I honestly don't want to review this juice and sound like if I we're advertising it (or some sort of seasoned ejuice sommelier) but this ejuice definitely deserves it as it hits every nail on the head for me of what makes great eliquid great.

This juice carries a crisp, tangy explosion of sweet summer harvest blueberries alongside a non-artificial all natural taste that leaves your mouth watering feeling a need for more. The blueberry aspect of this ejuice is so potent and utterly overwhelming (which is amazing btw) that it makes you think other blueberry eliquids out there are dilluted or inadequate to fulfill your taste bud's needs. In all honesty, the flavor profile of this just blows everything blueberry out of the water and I'm not over exaggerating.

The inhale in this one is one of the smoother things in life like smooth jazz but only smoother or silk (but only smoother). Most juices at 6mg at 100+ watts are almost certain to obliterate someone's throat milliseconds after an inhale, but this and only a select few juices out there on the market (that I know of) barely even have a noticeable throat hit. The amazing part about Blue Razz is that higher the wattage, the more delectable it gets (and I mean exponentially) and the throat hit is so imperceptible, that even a 6mg is feasible at higher wattages. You'll notice a little harshness in the exhale but compared to other juices with the same nicotine level, it's exceptionally minuscule and with a burst of flavor.

The only downside is that I (you'll) have to wait about a week just to enjoy this juice since I've spent hours trying to look for shops around the city that sell this. The only other place aside from VapeBash that I know where you can purchase this confection is here so if you love any fruity elixirs (or e-lixirs...), please look into this one because it steals the cake. It's such an underrated hidden gem out there and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to snag a daily vaper.



Favorite juice ever

I love vaping- but I am very picky about my juice. Some juices are too sharp - (especially vaping 6mg) which is what I like to vape on. Blue eyes razz is the PERFECT blue jolly rancher/ blueberry candy that everyone loves the flavor on. It's not too sharp even on 12ml. Reccomended!

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This is by far my favorite flavor, and since i moved i haven't been able to purchase it in stores, when i ordered it from here for the first time, i was more than pleased, arrived very fast, and they even threw in a free 15ml of Bradford, which is another favorite of mine, along with a couple wrist bands, tank bands and like 15 stickers. I will for now on always order from here, and no where else!

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Blue Razz

Blue Razz

A sweet blue raspberry candy

Available in 50ml