What is the Premier Liquids Loyalty Program?

The Premier Liquids Loyalty Program is intended to give back to our customers in the simplest and easiest way possible. By making purchases you will earn points that you can use towards future purchases in a quick and simple fashion. It's fast, easy, and to the point.

How do you sign up?

As long as you have a Premier Liquids account, you're already signed up! You can access your Loyalty Program details just by clicking your account info and navigating to the MY LOYALTY POINTS button. From there you can track your points and plan what you want to do with them.

How do you earn points?

You earn Loyalty Points just by making normal every day Premier Liquids purchases. For every $10 spent, you earn 1 Loyalty Point. For example, if you buy a 60ML bottle of Brew City or No Name juice at full price, you earn 2 Loyalty Points. Points are immediately added to your account and you can view your points in your account info.

What can you do with points?

You can spend them on Premier Liquids products! 1 Loyalty Point is worth $.50 in in-store credit. As such, you can earn up to $1 per bottle. That adds up fast, so just by buying your usual all-day-vapes you can earn free juice! Pretty simple, right?

What are the restrictions?

The only restrictions in the Loyalty Program are that you can only earn and spend points via online retail. Once you earn points, you can use them whenever you want and they never expire, so enjoy!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us! Thank you for being a valued member of Premier Liquids. We hope you enjoy participating in our Loyalty Program. Now go earn some free juice!